Kennbunkport Webcams

Did you know there are several strategically placed webcams placed throughout the Kennebunkport area? Ayuh, it's true! We can't take credit for this brilliant idea; that goes to the clever folks at SebecTec. When they asked us to put a webcam in our shop window facing Dock Square we thought it would be a fun way for our "away friends" to stay connected 24/7, year round. The best part is you get to see all all of the cute dogs coming and going from Scalawags!

In addition to Scalawags' Dock Square webcam, there are webcams for the Kennebunk River, Kennebunk Beach, and Cape Porpoise.

Enjoy the show!


If you stand in front of our entrance and look up and to the right, you will see the Dock Square webcam. Wag here for the camera and show off your furry scalawags to the world! 

Kennebunkport Webcams