So Happy Together!

What do you get when you pair two pawsome dog brands together? Innovation!

Introducing...Funnl™... the brainpup of West Paw and Earth Animal, two of Scalawags' favorite companies.

Scalawags Funnl dog toy

Funnl is unique in the world of dog toys because it is an enrichment toy designed specifically to hold an Earth Animal No-Hide® Chew. The combination of a dog toy and a consumable chew means more engagement and challenge for the chewer. As we like to say at Scalawags, a busy dog is a happy dog, and a happy dog means a happy pet family.

The Funnl's design lends itself to bouncing and rolling so in between gnawing, pups can enjoy some good play time too. There is even a secret rim on the inside of the toy which can hold creamy treats and kibble. To make it last even longer, load up the Funnl with a No-Hide Chew and your pup's favorite treats and freeze. Your scalawag will think you are the best pawrent ever!

Scalawags Funnl dog toy

Funnl joins West Paw's popular Seaflex dog toy collection made from recycled ocean-bound plastic. It is BPA free, latex free and FDA compliant. And just like all West Paw Seaflex toys, the Funnl is dishwasher safe, and it can be returned to West Paw for recycling into new dog toys. 

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews are definitely a best seller at Scalawags because they are a healthy alternative to rawhide. Our customers love them because they are made with only six simple ingredients plus one sustainable protein. Now if used in combination with the Funnl, No-Hide Chews will last even longer! 

As if all this goodness was not enough, West Paw and Earth Animal products are made in the USA and both businesses have received B Corp certification. 

 Scalawags Funnl dog toy


To place an order for the Funnl and No-Hide Chews, give us a ring at 207.967.2775 (open daily, 10am - 5pm ET) or email We look forward to hearing from you!


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