Now Serving Lobster Roll Dog Toys!

Scalawags' Lobster Roll Dog Toy

Every season in Maine there is an ongoing debate about who has the BEST lobster roll. Some like it Maine-style (with mayo) and some like it Connecticut-style (with butter). You'll find countless "top 10" lists of places to get a lobster roll and no end to the culinary twists on the classic fare.

This year, Scalawags is throwing it's lobster pot into the ring with what we KNOW is the best lobster roll in the state, for dogs!!

As featured in the Tourist & Town Magazine's Spring 2023 local finds section, Scalawags' Lobster Roll dog toy is served with a large squeaker, crazy crinkle and whip-n-flip claws! And at the bark-gain price of $14.95, it's the best deal in town!

Take-out is available daily between 10am - 5pm or call 207.967.2775 to have yours packed fresh and shipped (U.S. only).

Scalawags' Lobster Roll Dog Toy Featured in Tourist & Town Magazine

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