Save Our Oceans!

Check out our new "Save Our Oceans" window display! We wanted to kick off our 2023 season by creating something unique with an eco-friendly message.  When we saw the artwork of Susan Wallace Barnes (see image below), we knew we could bring this whimsical scene to life with the addition of our dog and cat mascots.
Barnes' art depicts a beautiful world we want to live in complete with white picket fences, woodie wagons, clean oceans and frequently, dogs. What's not to love? The fact that the artist has spent her life supporting ocean awareness endears her to us even more.
So once we had the inspiration, the Scalawags team was able to create the window using only repurposed or upcycled items except for the globe which we bought at a local flea market. 
As residents of a coastal community, we are always reminded how fragile our ecosystem is and how important it is for everyone to do their part to save our oceans for future generations. Our shop window is just one little thing we can do to remind ourselves and others to help protect our natural world.
Scalawags Spring2023 Save Our Oceans Window Display
Susan Wallace Barnes

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