The World's Largest Catnip Kicker Debuts at Scalawags!

Friday, July 15th (2-5pm)

Come meet the cool cats behind Dr. Pussums in purrson
at Scalawags on July 15th between 2pm-5pm
and take a photo with the World's Largest Catnip Kicker! 
Enjoy free samples (while supplies last) and get 15% off Dr. Pussums all day! 

The Pussums Cat Company has created this ginormous, one-of-a-kind catnip kicker to kick off (pun intended) their 40th anniversary. The kicker stands a catacular 72" tall and is 50" in girth and weighs 35 pounds!

Since 1982, this Maine small business has been creating premium catnip toys using the finest 100% natural catnip (no filler!) under the distinctive Dr. Pussums brand name. What better way to celebrate this milestone than creativing the World's Largest Catnip Kicker!

Scalawags first discovered Dr. Pussums Fancy Exlixir Catnip 30 years ago at a country fair in Connecticut and was quite impressed with the line's quality and quirky purrsonality. Fast forward to 2007, it was only natural we would seek out this company with cattitude to sell in our shop.

We love showcasing other Maine businesses and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into making Dr. Pussums toys. And our customers love how much their cats enjoy them and come back year after year to thank us for recommending Dr. Pussums. Plus they make the purrfect gift for cat lovers!

So we aren't kitten when we say we are pawsitively excited to be the first shop to host the World's Largest Catnip Kicker. We hope you can make it and we can't wait to share the colorful and creative Maine made line of cat toys with you and your kitty friends!



Scalawags is open daily, 10am-5pm. The Pussums Cat Company will be visiting on July 15, 2022 between 2pm-5pm. 

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