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Welcome to Scalawags Pet Boutique's New Website!

Whew! Technology sure has changed over the years. When Scalawags Pet Boutique opened its doors in 2007, exciting as that was, really BIG things were happening in the world of technology - Apple launched the iPhone, Twitter was just hatching, and Facebook went global - to mention only a few. “Paws” and think about that. Heck, the Facebook “like” (thumbs up) button didn’t even become a thing until 2009! How did we survive before 2007?!

Reflecting back on this “era,” we certainly picked an exciting time to open Scalawags. Advances in technology meant we could grow our small business not only within our own community but within the global community! And communication became more “social” so we could stay connected to our customers and their scalawags in a more meaningful way. This turned out to be very beneficial for us and other small businesses in tourist locations, because our customers do not live locally. Now we had a very easy way to keep in touch and see lots of cute dog and cat photos!

For many years, Scalawags operated a website so our customers could shop with us online too, but when we moved to our current location, it became difficult to keep it current. Truthfully, we had our paws full trying to grow into our new location and we felt it was important to honor our commitment to our in-store customers and not bite off more than we could chew.

We are feeling a bit more caught up and are launching our new website ( Our goal is to:

  1. Keep you updated about what is happening in the shop
  2. Provide some local resources for your next trip to Kennebunkport
  3. Share some of our favorite finds for purchase (coming soon!)
  4. Most importantly, share pictures of the cutest customers in the world!

As always, if you need more of something or need help picking out a special gift for a dog or cat in your life, we will be happy to help you via telephone at 207.967.2775 or you can email us at

Check back often for new arrivals and be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We love socializing with you and your scalawags!

XOXO - Scalawags

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