Pop-n-Purr Lollipop
Pop-n-Purr Lollipop

Pop-n-Purr Lollipop


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Lollipops for cats?!  Our Pop-n-Purr lollipop-inspired cat toys are not only a visual treat but also a source of endless playtime joy. Pre-filled with Cloud Nine Silvervine, they captivate cats with their dual appeal – the ball and the stick. Some cats may even enjoy the added excitement of unwrapping the plastic, making it a delightful bonus.  

  • Color: Assorted
  • Sold individually
  • Size: Lollipop ball is approximately 1.75" in diameter and 5.5" tall
  • Designed by veterinary professionals
  • Made in the USA

Manufacturer's Note: It's essential to ensure safety, so if a cat is prone to chewing or consuming plastic, it's best to remove the wrapper before play.

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