Rubber, Nylon, & Laytex Toys

"Understanding a dog's natural instinct to chew is key to addressing destructive chewing behavior.
It's about providing appropriate outlets for their needs."
- Patricia McConnell

At Scalawags, we understand the inherent need for dogs to chew, which is why we meticulously curate
a diverse selection of chew options to cater to dogs of all chewing tendencies, from moderate to aggressive chewers.
Recognizing that chewing is a natural behavior essential for dental health, mental stimulation, and stress relief,
we prioritize sourcing high-quality products that meet these needs effectively. Our range includes
durable rubber toys, sturdy nylon bones, natural antlers, and long-lasting treats
designed to withstand the strongest of jaws. We believe in providing both quality and variety
to ensure every dog finds a suitable chew that keeps them engaged and satisfied while promoting their
overall well-being. Whether it's a teething puppy or a seasoned chewer, we have something to suit
every canine companion. Be sure to visit our Treats & Chews Collection for even more options!
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