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Tick Key


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We have tried different tick removal devices over the years and believe the Tick Key is the easiest to use. We also like it because it is effective in the safe removal of ticks from pets and people.

  • Quickly and safely remove ticks without touching or squishing them
  • Great for pets, hikers, campers, hunters, landscapers, gardeners, etc.
  • Easily stores in first aid kit, wallet, pocket, on a key ring, dog collar, backpack, saddle or leash
  • Color: Silver (stamped with Scalawags' logo)
  • Made in the USA out of high-strength anodized aluminum

Helpful Tip: Keep an extra Tick Key in the car for easy access if you are away from home.

-> Read more about ticks in our blog https://scalawagspetboutique.com/blogs/scalawags-pet-boutique/ticks

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