fouFIT™ Hide 'n Seek Disc
fouFIT™ Hide 'n Seek Disc

fouFIT™ Hide 'n Seek Disc


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The fouFIT Hide 'n Seek Disc helps keep your dog occupied and engaged, while learning how to effectively use their nose. Just hide treats in the varying hiding spots throughout the toy and let the sniffing and munching begin. 

  • Size: 7.9 x 7.9 x 3.1"
  • Tips: 
    • Start out with lots of tiny treats to make it easy for your dog to learn the game. Once she has figured out how to play, decrease the number of treats to make it more challenging.
    • Vary the treats used either in each play session or even within the same play session.
    • If your dog is a woofer at mealtime, try hiding a portion of her kibble in the toy to slow her down a little.
    • Take the toy away once all of the rewards have been found. This toy is intended to be an activity to keep your dog busy and to improve her cognition and is not intended to be a chew toy.

Manufacturer's Note: These toys are made to withstand gentle to moderate chewing. If you have an aggressive chewer, to prolong the life of the toy, do not leave toy unattended with your dog when not using it for nosework exercises.


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