The Dog's Best Friend Game™
The Dog's Best Friend Game™
The Dog's Best Friend Game™
The Dog's Best Friend Game™

The Dog's Best Friend Game™


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Family game night finally includes the dog! (dog not included)

Created by pet behavioralists, seasoned pet experts, and game design pros, West Paw's The Dog's Best Friend Game is made for the whole family including your dog! The game encourages connection, positive reinforcement training and lots of fun for the whole family (two legged and four).
  • Game Includes: 81 challenge cards; 5 training tip cards; 8 plastic cups; 1 no-slip playing mat; 2 plush dog toys; 1 sand timer and rule sheet
  • Designed for adults and children ages 8+
  • Tips:
    • Make it a casual hangout! The game is not only for families but for friends, colleagues, and casual backyard get togethers. Gather those you want to hang out with and bring your dog along - everyone can have fun!
    • Not feeling social? That is ok! The Dog's Best Friend Game™ has a solo play option. So grab your favorite four-legged friend and enjoy!
    • Five levels of difficulty to engage humans from 8 and up and dogs with various levels of training
    • Some minigames are harder than others. If a minigame is too hard for you or your dog, feel free to pass on that card or modify in a way that works for everyone
    • Training tips and methods are built into the minigames; also included are five extra Training Tip cards

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