Grade-A Split Elk Antlers
Grade-A Split Elk Antlers
Grade-A Split Elk Antlers
Grade-A Split Elk Antlers
Grade-A Split Elk Antlers

Grade-A Split Elk Antlers


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Naturally shed Elk Antlers are Grade-A quality and make a delicious long-lasting chew. They are sourced from the Rocky Mountains and are a sustainable resource. Split antlers are easier to chew than whole antlers because the marrow is exposed. If your pooch finds whole antlers too hard or too challenging because they have to work harder to get to the marrow, then try our split antlers today

  • Sizes (when in doubt, size up):
    • Small - recommended for dogs under 30 lbs.
    • Medium - recommended for dogs under 55 lbs.
    • Large - recommended for dogs under 80 lbs.
    • X-Large - recommended for dogs under 80+ lbs.

  • ALL NATURAL AND HUMANE:  Naturally shed Elk Antlers are 100% sustainable and gathered in the USA, right in the Rocky Mountains. Elk naturally shed their antlers and no elk are touched when the antlers are gathered. Due to their unique nature antlers can vary in size, shape, weight, color, and texture.
  • NUTRITION RICH: Naturally shed Elk Antlers are rich in vitamins and minerals. They are 100% pure elk antlers with no additives or preservatives, and make a great teeth cleaner!
  • STINK FREE: Naturally shed Elk Antlers are naturally low in odor.
  • FOR AGGRESSIVE CHEWERS:  Naturally shed Elk Antlers are recommended for aggressive chewers. Antlers are very hard and in some cases can damage teeth. Always supervise your dog while the product is being used. If an antler is worn or too small, please discard it as it might present a choking hazard. Antlers are for dog consumption only (not for human consumption).

  • Sourced in the USA

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